Now serving the Impossible Burger!

We are proud to be the only restaurant on Guam to serve Impossible Meat. This plant-based meat substitute looks and tastes like the real thing. For vegetarians and those who want to cut down on their meat consumption, this is the perfect way to get healthier without sacrificing taste.

For breakfast, we have our Vegan Rancheros made with Impossible Meat. Impossible meat and black bean scramble topped with ranchero sauce, served with red potatoes and tortilla.

Vegan Rancheros made with Impossible Meat

For lunch, try our Unbelievably Meatless Burger made with Impossible Meat. Impossible Meat with mushrooms, balsamic onions, Bleu cheese, Provolone cheese, horseradish crema on panini ciabatta. Our take on the Impossible Burger--so delicious!

Unbelievably Meatless Burger

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