Power up for the New Year!

For that extra healthy kick to 2019, we've come up with some tasty vegetarian options.

Our Unbelievably Meatless Burger and Metgot Fried Rice are both made using Impossible Burger 'Meat'--totally vegetarian and made from plants, but tastes so much like the real thing that you've got to try it to believe it.

"Metgot" means Power in Chamoru and our newest creation is sure to power you up for the day. Made using our Impossible Burger Meat and brown rice, along with fresh veggies, top it with an egg made your way and you're ready for the day!

Both of our specials can be made Vegan with some slight modifications, and both specials are available for breakfast and lunch!

Brown rice is also available as a swap in your favorite Pika's dishes (+$2).

Our specials menu featuring Vegetarian dishes made with Impossible Burger Meat
January Vegetarian Specials

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