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Pika's Story

Buenas yan Håfa Adai! At Pika’s Cafe, we are passionate about serving locally-inspired cuisine. Walking through our doors should feel like coming home and we aim to treat each guest like family. Sourcing produce and ingredients from local farmers and sometimes even growing them in our own backyards, we believe that quality food starts from quality ingredients. We are inspired by global flavors and when we can’t source locally, we look to our regional and global partners to bring in the best for your table. 


Pika’s Cafe was started in 2011 by Lenny and Pika Fejeran with a vision of marrying local cuisine with California-forward cooking styles and innovation. From the get go, they worked closely with local farmers, musicians, artists and businesses with the belief that supporting local uplifts all involved. This philosophy continues today, as evidence by the local art displayed at Pika’s and the fresh ingredients in the food. 


Maila ta fan boka! 

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The Pika's Experience


Yelp Review

"As always, the service was excellent and the food delicious. Love Pika's! You can count on them bringing their best to your dining experience."

Google Review


"1st time here, great experience! Customer service was awesome and the dishes we had here were delish! We'll definitely be returning soon!"

Yelp Review


"A local twist on an American classic. Portion was very generous and everything you'd expect in an eggs benedict. Staff is very friendly, ambience is very inviting."

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